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Telework Central Coast

Welcome to Central Coast Telework

Central Coast Telework is all about enabling people who may live on the NSW Central Coast or travel through the region to use "Smart Hub" facilities on the Coast. 

We are now working towards developing a number of "Smart Hub" facilities on the Central Coast. Make sure you bookmark this page and come back to check the latest developments. 

In May 2013, Central Coast Telework Week was held from May 20th - May 24th and the two Smart Working Hubs were hosted by Central Coast Leagues Club and at Wyong Race Club.

Facilities were FREE to use for teleworkers during the one-week period.

These Smart Working spaces encouraged collaboration and innovative thinking to the benefit of participants and the greater Central Coast community.

Regional Development Australia through its Regions Department has provided chief financial support for this very worthwhile project. The campaign forms part of the Regions Department 'Leveraging the NBN' regional plan. 

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